The East Bridgewater  Central Cemetery and its Corporation were founded in 1845 as part of the  New England rural garden cemetery movement, whose goal was the creation of parklike, beautifully landscaped places for the burial of the dead.  The cemetery has from the beginning been non-sectarian. It was first located on Old Forge Pond Hill but moved to its present location to make way for the new railroad that passed through the town.  In the following century and one-half, the cemetery corporation has several new pieces of property, with the cemetery now comprising approximately 17 acres of landscaped grounds. Its present Proprietors and Trustees are committed to preserving and enhancing its legacy and character.

The Board of Trustees

Deborah Winslow Nutter, President

Alan Rutan, Treasurer

Charles Farnham, Clerk

Jack Alexander

Lynne Alexander Barton

East Bridgewater Central Cemetery Corporation
60 Church Street , P.O. Box 111, East Bridgewater, MA 02333
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